A & H Aluminium Technology
CK: 2007/242673/23
Janz - Since 1972
A & H Aluminium Technology
CK: 2007/242673/23
Janz - Since 1972



Since its inception in 1972, the Janz family business has grown to become A & H Aluminium Technology CC (trading as Alu-Tech). It is a well-established and leading company in the manufacturing of glass, aluminium and access control products, with constant exposure to contemporary and global trends.

This exposure has given Alu-Tech the confidence that our work benefits people across the corporate, hospitality, commercial, residential, mining etc. markets. They receive expert advice, innovation and service that is relevant and world-class.

Alu-Tech does not subscribe to one particular “style” or “look”. Each project is individually customised for each client, according to the unique character and needs of the project. Drawn from a client's unique vision and project, Alu-Tech creates spaces for working and living that are simple, efficient and timeless. With this in mind, there are Alu-Tech staff members that have been on hand for up to 34 years. This gives us experienced staff members who are dedicated to a client’s vision for their project.

To ensure that our clients receive a seamless service, Alu-Tech has established itself as a one-stop service point where we guide our clients through the maze of regulatory issues, budget considerations, structural requirements, sustainable measures, material choices, and functional needs to ultimately help them arrive at a place of ease and clarity.


You can depend on Alu-Tech to perform consistently in all areas of design, manufacturing and installation with unparalleled levels of service, quality and innovation in every project.

Our business principles are anchored in integrity and an impeccable level of professionalism.


Alu-Tech's vision is founded on four key pillars, which we use as our foundation for all interactions with clients, employees, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders.

These are:

  * Innovative thought
  * Creative design
  * Value-added solutions
  * Seamless One-Stop Service


  * Integrity
    To ensure that the client always has full transparency during the design and     manufacturing process, and honouring the commitment to the client is one of our     key business principles.

  * Quality of Product and Service
    Our clients are quality clients and as such expect quality products, services and     results. Alu-Tech endeavours to supply exceptional quality and products, as well as     deliver an outstanding service.

  * Focus
    We conduct ourselves and our business by listening, understanding, producing and     serving in a way that ensures a high level of business focus and discipline.

  * Stewardship
    We believe that it is our corporate responsibility to be wise and judicious stewards of     our environment, personal resources, and the resources of those with whom we     work.

  * Continuous Growth
    The quest for continuous growth, learning and improvement (both personal and     organisational) leads us to have a healthy balance between client-focus, creative     strength and superior expertise.

  * Leadership
    Leadership is influence, and our ability to lead has been earned by our character,     caring and creative vision.

  * Enjoyment
    We love life and our profession. We find enjoyment in what we do and in the     relationships we have developed, and always strive to build new relationships     respecting this aspect.